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Vicente Sarmiento

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 29, 2022

CONTACT: Carlos Valenzuela,

Santa Ana Mayor Vicente Sarmiento Becomes Only the Third Latino in 133 Years to be Elected to the Orange County Board of Supervisors

Sarmiento Also Becomes the First County Supervisor From Santa Ana Since 1948

ORANGE COUNTY, CA - With over 98% of the votes counted, and more than a 3,000 vote margin, Mayor Vicente Sarmiento declared victory today. After 15 years, Sarmiento finally brings Latino representation to the current Board of Supervisors’ newly drawn Second District that is almost 67% Latino. The district includes Anaheim, Tustin, Orange, Garden Grove, and all of Santa Ana.

Sarmiento inspired broad support with his community-focused message of reducing homelessness, creating safer neighborhoods, and helping working families. “We ran an honest and positive campaign that was responsive to the residents of Orange County, not the special interests,” said Sarmiento. “I’m deeply humbled by the trust of countless people who supported our vision, and will help us write the next chapter in Orange County’s story.”

Mayor Sarmiento’s historic campaign overcame more than half a million dollars in negative ads filled with distorted facts funded by special interests planning to once again dictate the composition of the Board. Fortunately, the people in Orange County’s Second District chose hope over fear, facts instead of lies, and principles over money.


In January of 2007, Mayor Sarmiento was appointed to the Santa Ana City Council to represent Ward 1. He was formally elected as the Ward 1 City Councilmember in November 2008, then re-elected in November 2012 and November 2016. In November 2020 he was elected Mayor of Santa Ana.

As Mayor, Vicente Sarmiento oversaw the adoption of landmark public policy including a Police Oversight Commission, Rent Stabilization, an aggressive Affordable Housing Ordinance, an Immigrant Legal Defense Fund, and Premium Pay for Essential Workers. He accomplished all of this while creating a $40 million surplus, increasing the city’s fiscal reserves, ensuring a Double A credit rating, and making Santa Ana recognized as one of the best managed cities in California.

Reducing Homelessness

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Public Health

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Open Space

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Working Families

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Transparent Government

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Protecting Neighborhoods

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